AUDIO: Jim Nill on NHL Network Radio discussing Stars offseason

Dallas Stars general manager Jim Nill was on SiriusXM’s NHL Network Radio on Thursday morning and discussed the Stars offseason.

Nill talked about the expansion draft, the NHL Entry Draft (including potentially trading the No. 3 pick), and a number of other topics.

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7 thoughts on “AUDIO: Jim Nill on NHL Network Radio discussing Stars offseason

  1. So they’re willing to trade the 3rd pick
    in a draft with no high-end players?
    Lol. The top-2 picks aren’t even worth
    trading up for, let alone the 3rd pick.

    What do they possibly expect to get
    for that pick? I’d give up an extra 2nd
    or 3rd round pick to go from #8 to
    #5. That’s it, and even then I’m not
    sure there’s anybody worth it. The
    player you get this year at #3
    probably won’t be all that much
    better than the player you get at #8.

  2. So, lol… you know how good these kids will
    be or not in the future? Give me a break and
    look at the 83 draft while you are at it. Do
    not trade the pick instead make the pick
    and get him ready to go for some of these
    guys are going to be stars!!

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